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                Bazm-e-Urdu (a Literary Organisation) was established in the year 1936 when this office was used to be known as Daftar-e-Sadr Mahasabi.  The object of establishment was to develop and nurture the creative instinct among the employees and to promote the Urdu language and its culture.

                From the date of its establishment the organisation is serving the cause of urdu language by conducting various cultural programme viz., Mushairas (urdu poetry recitation) dramas, light music programme of ghazals and songs periodically.  Under its banner eminent scholars viz., Amjad Hyderabadi, Kaifi Azami, Malikzada Mansoor Ahmed, Haleem Afsar etc., have rendered their poetry recitation.  Programmes of comedy, music and dramas are organised inviting the artists from “Laughter Challenge Programme”.  The Bazm has a Library which functions during lunch hour.  It has collection of costly and unique books of eminent scholars/poets like Allamma Iqbal, Munshi Premchand, Kishan Chander, Josh Malihabadi etc.

                The Bazm-e-urdu have also produced poets/artists like Amjad Hyderabadi, Haleem Afsar, Quadeer Hussain, Mahmood Hamid, Ms. Syeda Majeed.  Sri Arifuddin, Shaik Mohiuddin, Muneer Khan, Hafeez Khan, Hussain Bin Mohd and Shakeel are rendering valuable services to the Bazm.