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Study Circle

     The activities of the Study Circle, a spiritual organization, are intended for promoting among the members, the spirit of love, compassion, sacrifice and selfless service.  The Study Circle was initially formed during 1978 with a few members who were inspired by the divine teachings of Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba on oneness of God, Unity of all religions, and importance of service to humanity and promoting human values viz., Satya, Dharma, Santhi, Prema and Ahimsa among the people.  The Study Circle was registered as a Society during 1981 and undertook many a service activity since its formation with increasing membership.  Irrespective of Caste, Creed and Religion any member of the Accountants Generals" Office can partake in the activities of this organization.  No monthly subscription is collected.

The daily activities of the Study Circle during lunch break are:

  • Veda chanting (Rudra Parayanam)
  • Bhajans for few minutes
  • Spiritual lecture covering topics from scriptures promoting spirituality
  • Concluding prayer for universal peace

The Study Circle takes up the following social service activities:

  • Free distribution of notes books to the economically backward students during the start of the academic year.  The books are procured from LEKHADEEP (A rehabilitation centre for mentally challenged persons located in AG Colony)
  • Free distribution of food kits (containing rice, dal, oil, tamarind, salt, turmeric etc.,) to specially identified eighteen families in slum areas every month
  • Distribution of blankets to the pavement dwellers during winter by going round the pavements during nights
  • Serving MANOVIKAS ASHRAM, a home for mentally challenged children for their upliftment and rehabilitation.   The maintenance expenditure is shared by the members of the Study Circle by voluntary donations
  • Arranging spiritual lectures on special occasions by calling eminent people of various fields
  • Arranging voluntary blood donation to the needy
  • Running drinking water camp during summer season near main gate of the office to serve the passersby

The expenditure for the above service activities is met from the voluntary contributions made by the members.  The members participate in all the service activities voluntarily with love and compassion without any selfish motive not expecting even "THANKS" from recipients of the service as it is our responsibility to serve the society without which our present positions have no value.  "Lekhadeep" ( A rehabilitation centre for mentally challenged and "Manovikas Ashram" ( A residential home for mentally challenged) were founded and run by our Study Circle members.